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With, Turkey’s new generation web hosting and domain name provider, it is possible to earn money from your website and blog. You can earn 20% commission from every customer you refer to (with the condition to make a purchase) with the referral links we have prepared just for you. When your account balance reaches the limit of 150 TL, your payments will be transferred to your account defined in the system. Check out the details to join this profitable system now:

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Terms and Conditions of Service

By starting to use the affiliate program, the user is deemed to have accepted the terms of use below.

The commission rate we pay to our partners for Web Hosting, VPS Server and WordPress Hosting packages is determined as 20%. The maximum amount to be paid to the user based on this rate is 150 TL.
Commission will be paid only for VPS, Web Hosting and WordPress Hosting packages. No commission payment is made for SSL, Domain Name sales, E-Commerce setup service and ready-made website packages.
You can easily track all your referrals, banner and link activities, and commission income on the affiliate panel.
Users participating in the program cannot shop through their own reference URLs. No commissions or discounts are applied for such uses.
Sites cannot be created with domain extensions that contain the domain name and cannot direct these domain names to the affiliate program link (,, etc.). cannot be used for studies targeting search engines within the affiliate program. If it is determined that the pages accessed using terms such as “ coupon codes, discounts, promotions” are designed and that the Referral link is used on these pages, the affiliate program may be terminated.
No income can be generated from references sent using Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, SMS campaigns and similar methods. If such attempts are detected, your account will be suspended.
Account balances of people who generate income through any fraud, hacking attempt and similar elements are reset and their accounts are closed indefinitely. If these actions are harmful to individuals and institutions and are detected, legal action will be taken against those who committed this action.

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