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One-time setup fee is 4499TL instead of 5999TL per year! Moreover, there is no renewal fee and hosting, domain and SSL are free from us in the first year.

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Hosting is free
With the e-commerce package, there is no fee for web hosting service, SSL certificate and domain name for the first year!
24/7 support
All our entrepreneurs get detailed video tutorials and dedicated customer support about WooCommerce.
Sales from anywhere
Whether you are a local business owner or just an online business! Start selling online from anywhere right away.
Special designs for you
Choose from over 5000 themes for your e-commerce site. Don’t get stuck with boring designs.

Take the first step to e-commerce with WooCommerce

With WooCommerce, the world’s most preferred e-commerce management system, you can start selling immediately and support your website with the assurance of!

Server Features are gift for the first year!
Domain Gift
Annual Traffic 1500 GB
Web / Disk Space Unlimited
E-Mail 20 x 500 MB
SSL Certificate
CDN (CloudFlare)
Server Features
Premium Design
Responsive Design
Control Panel
Unlimited Products & Categories Unlimited
Coupon Code System
Cargo Tracking Module
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Blog Management
Marketing Tools
Instagram Feed for Shopping (XML)
WhatsApp Order Feature
Phone & Ticket Support
Payment Systems
Wire Transfer / EFT
Pay at the Door
Credit Card (iyzico)
Credit Card (PayTR)
Optional Features
Paraşüt Integration
Bank Virtual POS Integration
Advanced Cargo Module
IOS & Android App

E-Commerce Package Details

We tried to answer all your questions in the frequently asked questions.

You don’t pay for e-commerce setup every year. You only pay for web hosting, domain (if registered by us) and SSL certificate. These services are covered by us in the first year.

Of course, you do not need to have your hosting and domain name with us to benefit from the e-commerce package. We can set up your hosting account with another company.

Of course, you can request a package upgrade for your prepared e-commerce site at any time, you may want to switch to the server or you can transfer your site to another company. All you have to do is create a support request.

Premium Theme means a paid and licensed website template developed for WordPress and WooCommerce. We use the world’s most preferred WordPress and WooCommerce themes in the preparation of your website. Premium theme purchased by us. If you have a premium theme of your own, we can also install it.

You can start the service by clicking the “Start E-Trade” button above. This link will take you to the payment screen. After the payment process, you can open a support request or wait for our technical support team to contact you. If you have any questions you would like to ask before purchasing the service, you can contact us using the contact form below or via the support panel.

If we provided these services to you, you can extend the time by making your payment when the payment day comes from your customer panel.

Unfortunately, the pricing above is the promotional price. Even if your hosting service is from another company, no discount will be applied.

Of course, your website’s admin panel is user-friendly and has the world’s most popular admin panel (WordPress). If you still have problems, our team members will be waiting to help you after you open a support request.

For iyzico or PayTR credit card integration, you must first be a Legal or Real Person taxpayer. Our friends in the technical team will help you during the application. Please have legal documents ready such as tax plate and signature stamps.

Unfortunately, we cannot refund the fee, as the e-commerce service is a personalized service. However, if you are not satisfied with the hosting service you purchased from us, you can move your website to another company at any time. Our return period for the hosting package is limited to 15 days. For detailed information on the subject, you can open a support request.

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We prepare everything for you to have an e-commerce site. If you still have questions, you can contact us using the contact form.

We helped hundreds of local businesses and entrepreneurs to have e-commerce sites
We responded to over 2500 support requests within hours in 2020 alone.
We paid attention to the wishes of our customers and shared their e-commerce experiences with all entrepreneurs who are new to e-commerce.
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