Refund Policy

Return processes about our services

Return Details for Our Services and Products customers from the services they purchase; WordPress hosting can request a refund without any excuse within 15 days from the date of sale of web hosting products. Unconditional return terms only apply to newly purchased hosting packages. Products, services and renewal payments such as e-commerce installation service, domain name, brand registration, SSL certificate are unfortunately not within the scope of returns.

In case the customer has a return request, he/she is obliged to notify customer service via a support ticket through the support panel. can make the refund in the form of money transfer, EFT, cash or partial refund of the credit card transaction. In return transactions, the refund will be made to the source determined by after deducting the necessary costs for the return process. Before purchasing a service / product from our website, you are deemed to have accepted the return conditions in this contract.

Thank you for your understanding of our return policy. You can reach us from the contact page for any questions you may have.