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WordPress hosting paketlerinin tamamı yüksek hız ve üstün güvenlik özellikleri ile optimize edilmiştir.

User-friendly infrastructure
Create, back up, or restore your website in minutes.
Expert support team
Work with our WordPress experts who solve your problems in minutes.
15 days return guarantee
If you are not satisfied with our WordPress hosting packages, your refund is ready!
We are working fully integrated with the best applications developed for WordPress
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Ücretsiz transfer

1 Website
10 GB Disk
50 GB Trafik
30.000 Ziyaret
5 x 500 MB Eposta
1 GB Ram
1 Core CPU
Ücretsiz SSL
Otomatik Kurulum
Ücretsiz Alan Adı
LiteSpeed Cache


Ücretsiz transfer

1 Website
30 GB Disk
50 GB Trafik
250.000 Ziyaret
10 x 500 MB Eposta
2 GB Ram
2 Core CPU
Ücretsiz SSL
Otomatik Kurulum
Ücretsiz Alan Adı
LiteSpeed Cache


Ücretsiz transfer

3 Website
Limitsiz Disk
Limitsiz Trafik
1.000.000 Ziyaret
20 x 500 MB Eposta
4 GB Ram
2 Core CPU
Ücretsiz SSL
Otomatik Kurulum
Ücretsiz Alan Adı
LiteSpeed Cache


Ücretsiz transfer

1 Website
Limitsiz Disk
Limitsiz Trafik
4.000.000 Ziyaret
20 x 500 MB Eposta
8 GB Ram
4 Core CPU
Ücretsiz SSL
Otomatik Kurulum
Ücretsiz Alan Adı
LiteSpeed Cache

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WordPress hosting hizmetleri

WordPress Tools

Take advantage of our automated WordPress installation and our unique and powerful WordPress Builder to create a real, functional site in minutes.

WordPress Transfer Support team is working with dedication

To take advantage of the free WordPress support service, just create a support request from your user panel. Our team members are from your old server wp.com.tr you will be waiting ready to move your site to your panel.

High Performance WordPress cache plugins

Get ready to get acquainted with the comprehensive WordPress performance solution that significantly speeds up your sites. You can contact the free CloudFlare CDN service for powerful caching, front-end and image optimizations, PHP version control and much more. To use the CDN service, just contact our support team.

Always Secure Manageable security plugins

We manage the security of your sites at the server and application level. We automatically update your samples and plugins to the latest version and patch against common WordPress-related vulnerabilities through our server firewall.

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Whether you need a corporate solution or an affordable hosting package to start a new blog! We have the right package for you.

WP BRONZ 29.00 $ / monthly WP SILVER Popular 49 $ / monthly WP GOLD 69 $ / monthly WP PLATIN 109 $ / monthly
General Features
15 Days Return Guarantee
Free Domain Name
Site Hosting 1 1 3 1
Disk Space 10 GB 30 GB Unlimited Unlimited
Traffic 50 GB 50 GB Unlimited Unlimited
Visit 30.000 250.000 1.000.000 4.000.000
E-Mail 5 x 500 MB 10 x 500 MB 20 x 500 MB 20 x 500 MB
Ram 1 GB 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB
CPU 1 Core 2 Core 2 Core 4 Core
Database Properties
MSQL Pcs 1 2 3 3
MSQL Size 1 GB 1 GB 1 GB 1 GB
MYSQL Version 5.6.x 5.6.x 5.6.x 5.6.x
Remote Access
Web Features
Control Panel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel
Automatic Installation
Changing the PHP Version
PHP 5.x-7.4 5.x-7.4 5.x-7.4 5.x-7.4
CDN Support
Start With This. Start With This. Start With This. Start With This.

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WordPress Hosting is a web hosting package that works fully compatible with WordPress, the most popular content management system in the world. Hosting services sold under the name WordPress Hosting usually provide high performance in terms of speed and security, and are also optimized for WooCommerce, the most popular WordPress plugin.

If you have just met WordPress and need help, don’t worry. Our technical support team will install WordPress in minutes and provide you with information. For this, it will be enough to create a support request titled “I Want to Install WordPress” from your member panel. Please note, this free service only covers WordPress installation and theme, plugin installation is not included in this feature. If you need support in the theme installation, you can still share the details with us via the support request.

All of the WordPress hosting packages we have prepared are hosted on 100% SSD servers. The most important feature for you to choose WordPress Hosting is that it has been completely optimized for security and speed.

All WordPress hosting packages are offered through the cPanel panel equipped with superior features and allow you to make backups on a daily basis.

WordPress is the most popular content management system ever. With WordPress, you can make a corporate website, travel blog, food blog, news site, e-commerce site. You can choose from premium themes for this or wp.com.tr you can choose one of the ready-made installation packages that it has prepared specifically for its users. If you need help, you can contact us at the live support area at the bottom of the page.

We are ready to help you with all your installation and technical support processes with our expert WordPress support team. If you need a WordPress installation service from scratch, you can get a quote by creating a support request from the support request panel.

Yes, as part of the WordPress hosting packages that we have prepared, you can use your WordPress sites located in another company for free wp.com.tr we are moving it to the infrastructure. After your purchase, simply create a support request via the support panel.

WP.com.tr With WordPress Hosting, you don’t have to do all the operations one by one. Thanks to the infrastructure that we have prepared, automatic WordPress installation is performed and all steps that require technical knowledge, such as uploading files, creating databases, are created automatically.

Take the first step into e-commerce with us
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